updated 01/11/2011

Not every day I find such a terrific group of "Blue Bell Bouquet" both the Teapot $125, and the Coffee pot $145, are in terrific condition.
Need to show off for the Thanksgiving holiday? This is a very mint "Thanksgiving Turkey" 15" Platter by you guessed it Blue Ridge. $255
This is a nearly perfect "Elegance" After Dinner Chocolate Pot (there is a 1/2" hairline on the inside collar of the lid. $175
This is a terrific set of "Tussie Mussie" China Chocolate setincluding a chocolate pot and Pedestal Cream and Sugar. $255.set
SCORE!! There are 8 of these really nice 10" "Waltz Time" Dinner plates, all are in terrific condition. $32.ea
Add 2 more Waltz Time Dinner Plates, and (2) 7" Salad Plates @$22.ea, as well as this terrific condition 9" Veg. Bowl $55
This is a very unusual "Chick" pitcher $65
Here's a terrific group of unusual Blue Ridge pieces, demi pot $85, "Easter Parade" butter chips $22.ea, "Fairy" china Bon-Bon $135, and "Log Cabin" 8" bowl $65, and (4) 5" bowls @$25.ea
This is a terrific 13" "Fairmede Fruits" Platter, terrific for Fall dinner parties. $45
OK Jan, I know you can use another one of these "Falling Leaf" 9" Vegetable bowls, and this one is cheap!! $38.
Yep................ this is a "Dogtooth Violet" Good housekeeping "Mini Ball Teapot" $275, and note the "Violets" Veg Bowl in the back $45
I also just found this wonderful "Dog tooth Violets" Good Housekeeping 6 cup Teapot $285
It's not every day I get a chance to buy such a nice group of "French Peasant" and I have (1) 10" Plate left $85, (8) 12" Cake plates @$ 225.ea,
I have (4) sets of these cute little Brittney demi cups and saucers @$ 75.ea
I was shopping (yes again) and imagine my surprise when I saw these "Provincial" series Blue Ridge 6" plates in a pile of Quimper, silly people...................... "Milk Maid" $75, and "Plow Man" $75
Put this beautiful "Wig Rose" pitcher $175 in a Salad bowl, and create a beautiful "Pitcher w/ Basin" in your guest room and listen to the comments from your guests.
This is a beautiful "Jubilee Fruit" pitcher $95
I really think this is the most popular pattern of Blue Ridge I sell, this is "Blue Bell Bouquet" shown are (6) 10" plates @$22.ea and (4) fruit bowls @$12.ea
WOWZA!! I was so excited when I was checking a chicken collection in a mall here in Florida and fond these very scarce Blue Ridge "Cluckers" S/P set sold  $265.set
I was leaving this little mall when I glanced this very nice group of "Chickory" included were (6) 10" plates @$28.ea, (1) 7" salad plate @$25, a creamer @$25, (2) tab soups @$28.ea, (1) 12" Oval Platter @$ 65, (1) 9" round Veg. @$ 45 (oval Veg sold)
Jack Pot!! I made a quick stop on my way to Boise, in Reno and found this totally COOL group of Blue Ridge "Red Barn", (OK here's the difference Red Barn has brown border, and Weather Vane has green border). included were (2) 9" plates @$ 35.ea, (2) 6" plates @$15.ea, (2) Cups w/ saucers @$ 35.ea, and (2) fruit bowls @$ 25.ea
This is a really nice 9" "Chicken Pickens" plate, by Blue Ridge. ( Sold) $65