updated 10/14/2012



This is a beautiful 16"approx. Czech Deco Figurine of a Woman feeding a Deer, , This is one of  the most spectacular pieces of Czech pottery I've ever had the opportunity to present. , This is the only mark on the base, but I'm fairly certain she's Royal Dux, there are a few very small scrapes around the base, but nothing major to detract from her beauty. ( sold) $1200.
Now for a little "Show off and Tell" this is a wonderful 3" glass paperweight, with white Lilies inside imagine my surprise when I turned it over to find a "split" mark Czech mark on the base, according  to the books these are quite rare. $225 (SOLD)
WOW! Talk about Nice, this is a terrific group of Czech "Fuchsia" Hand decorated in the 1940s  . Covered 1 Ltr. Covered Jug $155, (4) Cups w/ Saucers @$25.ea, (6) 9" plates $65.ea.....................Covered Syrup is broken but lid is perfect need one? $25
And............... I just made a trade for this really cute little 6" "Watering Can" this would be terrific for watering those little plants in the window. $155
This is a rather unusual piece of Czech, a young Victorian Man w/ a shell vase attached $85
This is a fairly common 7" Czech Floral Vase, but the condition was really wonderful. $75
Here's a little gem  that really will enhance your collection, this is a 1 ltr.  Pok a Dot pitcher $165 (SOLD)
This 7" Czech Vase was designed by Ditmar Ubauch, very Deco. Sold $155
  How about this little "Dime" stamped Czech Child's 7" bowl, I see these around, but generally they have met with the hazards of "Junior" and are very worn, this one is in terrific condition. $115 (SOLD)
WOW! This 8" Czech hand decorated "bottle-type" Vase is really spectacular. $175 (SOLD)
Sorry I didn't find more of this really beautiful Czech pattern, but if you're looking for a terrific "Coffee" canister, this one is really nice. Sold $95
Seems to be my week for finding really great Czech pieces, this set has one canister that is cracked (Sugar (of course) both the lid and the base) the others are in fairly nice condition, this is a wonderful "Air brushed" ART DECO pattern I like to call Bubbles.  Sold $425 for all
This little 1 ltr. figural pitcher is a decorated Dog, marked n the base "made in Czechoslovakia" Sold $455
This is a Mrazeck "Black Bird" marked 11" cake platter, Sold $95,
This is a Match holder w/ the striker on the back, marked "Royal Dux" Czechoslovakia, in terrific condition. Sold $75