updated 12/28/2012


    This is a really spectacular, and very large Italian Art Glass Sculpture made for Ogetti Studios, and is signed by the artist, (I'm guessing here Dino Rossi?) this Sculpture is 49" tall and is fused to a  "Rose Amber",  9" x 10" pedestal. (Sold) $12,500.00
Super nice A. Seguso Ducks w/ Somerso (layered Vaseline, Ruby, and Clear) original labels $255.pr
Terrific Murano, Aventurina and cased Fish. $135
How about this little cutie, this is a Murano Copper Aventurina 4" pig $85
This is a very beautiful pair of Somerso Amber and Green Orientals made by A. Seguso $885.pr
I love the really tell-tale difference between different Murano Glass Makers, look at the expertise of this magnificent Clown made by Vinini as compared to some of the lesser quality figurines  $425
These Cobalt Cordials were made by Bryce $25.ea
I have seen several of these but never the "Blue Jay" by Cambridge as a flower frog $165
     WOW!! I'm not much for Depression Glassware but these #024 Tiffin Bi-Colored Stems are BEAUTIFUL, (3) Waters @$ 65ea, and (5) Wines@$ 55.ea
This is a beautiful Decagon Footed Covered Candy , again made by Cambridge $65
   Well................. (2) left, these are Iris and Herringbone Iridescent Flat soup bowls, these are fairly rare $65.ea
There are 8 of these Satin treated water tumblers, Iris and Herringbone (8) @$15.ea
 OK Kris, here's one for you, always telling me to, I need to catch this site up, now pay up. This is your 10" Oval Miss America Vegetable Bowl $65
There are (6) of these 6" American Sweetheart cereal Bowls @$18.ea
This pair of Fenton's Rayed Carnival 8.5" Candlesticks, are really a terrific color. $155.pr
And...............if you're looking for a nice little piece of Carnival to brighten up the shelf this is a sweet, this is a 5" "Daisy & Plume" compote by Northwood. $75
I love getting the chance to shop in a new area, this is a terrific example of Fenton's "Butterfly & Blackberry" Lemonade Pitcher in a really rich "Marigold" color $325 and 2 tumblers @$35.ea (the other 2 have chips)
And...........How about this beauty??? This is a "Peacock and Fountain" Pastel Marigold Spooner, in terrific condition $135
If you like "Stretch" Glass as much as I, I really think you'll appreciate this beautiful example of Amethyst Stretch a 1# Candy dish w/ most of the Roses Coralene made by Fenton $165
This is a really nice example of "Reverse 44" beautiful 9" 3-footed bowl $85
 This Somerso and Aventurina 12" Pheasant, Dee this one is for you. $145
This is a really beautiful Morgantown "Cosmopolitan" Cobalt, this is really rare and spectacular $255
This is a very nice example of Tiffin's Twilight from their "Swedish Moderne" line this 4 footed bowl is approx. 9" in diameter. $115
This is a very beautiful figural covered Cigarette Jar/ Elephant, made during the 1930's by Co-Operative Flint Glass in pink, this piece is totally MINT!! $355
How sweet is this? This is an absolutely beautiful Tiffin "Empress" Flower Arranger in Copen Blue and Crystal $225
These pieces of Tiffin Empress actually speak for themselves, they are each magnificent, this Flower arranger is Ruby and Clear and in mint condition. $225.
                                                                BAR ACCESSORIES
Talk about SCORE!!, Check out this beautiful Cambridge in Farber "Locking" Bar set $455.
This is a terrific condition 1930s "Dog Show" Cobalt Ice tub by Hazel Atlas Co. in spectacular condition. (SOLD) $135
If you love Deco Barware, you'll find this set a terrific addition, this is a Cambridge Amethyst Decanter set into a Farber Chrome Holder w/ 6 cocktail Glasses $325
This is a beautiful Depression era Cocktail Shaker, I'm guessing Paden City, however not certain. $95
This is another very Art Deco pattern of Tiffin Stems called "Furiste" ..............and really hard to find shown are (6) Water Goblets @     $ 75. ea and not shown yet are (6) Sauce Champagnes @$ 75.ea
Talk about unique, this is a hand decorated Cocktail Shaker for the 50-60s with the original label, if you have a "Sports" related Bar this is hot $95
How about this pair of beauties?? There are heavy sterling silver over-layed Ruby Decanters "Popeye & Olive" by Paden City (Both SOLD) $255.ea
Can you believe it?? This is the first time in over 30 in years, that I've seen and owned one of these "HUGE" Kings Crown, by Tiffin (note the star base) punch set 12 cups, pedestal and bowl w/ ladle. Miss that special someone for Christmas??? $1500.00 set ONLY
This is a Candlewick by Imperial Glass Co. "California Butter dish" cute and scarce $115
and ...............a really handy little Candlewick "Rolled Edge" 7" plate mounted on a Sterling base $45
These are terrific, (4) Aurora by Hazel Atlas Cobalt tumblers @$ 25.ea
I actually found these Cambridge "Powder Pigeon" Crystal Bookends in two separate booths belonging to the same dealer. Should have seen me move it to gather them up before someone bought the other. $225.pr
I took a little side trip when down visiting my sister, and came up with this terrific 12" Dogwood Cake Plate $85 (a few light scratches)
I love finding these Block Optic Vases, just to upset my friend Jay, especially because I found this on in his Antique Mall. $225
This was a terrific find, this Pink Windsor butter dish is mint $85
This is a beautiful Cambridge "Nude" Compote in Crystal (sold) $165
                                       AKRO AGATE CHILDREN'S DISHES
Just arrived,  don'ch love it? This is a nice group of Akro's Octagonal Small Open Handle, all sold separately, (3) Orange cups @$45.ea, (2) Yellow saucers @$15,ea, (2) Tumblers @$22.ea, and a Light Blue Teapot w/ a Custard (Transparent) lid @$55
I've actually almost decided to collect these Akro "Scalloped" bowls myself, but in the meantime, I'll offer this one until I decide. $35
This is a terrific 6" Akro Flower Pot w/ Darts $45
Loven this, this is a 2.5" 3-Dart marbleized flower pot, with it's original label, I'll post it, but almost guarantee, it'll be sold this weekend (told you so.....sold) $65
Nice HUH?? This is a "Super" Akro Agate Stacked Disc w/ Darts, Interior Paneled (LG) 21 piece set in the original box Children's "American Maid Tea Set" $755 this set took me 4 years to complete, but all pieces are perfect.
This is a terrific Akro Agate "Concentric Ring" (Large) 21 piece Children's set. $750
I know not Akro, but don't be sooooo picky, this is a nice little group of "Chiquita" cobalt. (6) plates @$12.ea, and cups w/ saucers $15.ea
I was shopping in Bakersfield awhile back, and found this very mint "Interior Panel" opaque yellow Akro Agate 16 piece set, everything here but the box............ DRAT! $650.set
This is a very beautiful set of "The Little American Maid" by Akro Agate Company, this is the large Open Handle Octagonal 21 piece set, all are mint, the box isn't in such great shape however (sold) $425.set
This is a nice group of Akro's Interior Panel (large size) in dark green or "Lustre" I'm selling this group by the piece. (4) Large plates @$ 35.ea, (2) Cups and Saucers @$55.ea, (1) saucer $15, (3) Cereal Bowls @$ 45.ea, (1) Sugar lid $15, and the Large Teapot w/ Lid @$155.
OH YES!!! This has to be at the top, this is a wonderful 21 piece "Boxed" set of  "Lemonade Oxblood" Interior Panel (Lg), made by Akro Agate  everything is perfect. Sold $1850.00
This is a terrific Akro Agate 16 piece "Stacked Disc" (small) set of multi colored children's dishes. $ 325.set
Akro Lg. Octagonal Canary Yellow  Creamer $25, and a Covered Sugar w/ a Dark blue lid @$45, and (3) sm. Pumpkin "closed handle" cups @$40.ea
This is a nice group of Akro Agate Small Size "Interior Panel Stacked Disc" in Transparent Blue, all pieces are sold separately  Covered Teapot $95, (2) cups and saucers @$85.ea, (1) cup $50, (4) plates @$35.ea
This is a small group of Akro's "Stippled band" in Amber  a Cov. Teapot  $75, and this really nice Children's Lemonade Lt. Green set $95. (5 pieces)
Sold Here's another small group of Akro Agate's "Stippled Band" in Transparent Green, (1) plate $12, (2) SM. Cup/Saucers @$25.ea, and a teapot (no lid) $32, and a pitcher $45
I just found this wonderful Milk Glass Akro "Victorian Woman" Powder jar, in perfect condition. $125
You've heard of the "Holy Grail"? Well for an Children's Play set  collector, this Little Hostess in the original box will just about foot the bill.  $450
If you want to start out a set of your own, this teapot will be a great start, this is Little Hostess dark brown w/ a lemon lid. $175
This is a really Large Blenko Crackled vase in Turquoise $85
This a Blenko #5420 Triangle Decanter , designed by Wayne Hustead (thanks Blenko Bill) and is  most spectacular in this Amethyst (sold) $185
 These are Blenko #902 Chartreuse "Floating" candlesticks $75. pr
What didn't like the Chartreuse?? How about a pair in Emerald Green $75.pr
This is a beautiful Blenko fish bowl holder w/it's original foil label and includes this really nice yellow-amber fish bowl  $185.
This Emerald Green Blenko Jug is really heavy I should sell it by weight $85
If anyone know who made this beautiful Decanter with a "Flame" stopper, please let me know, I've sold these before, but never really knew who made them. $85
I was invited to go to a wonderful flea market in Salem w/ friends, I did find these two cuties made by Rainbow Glass Co,these are 6" Amberina "Optic" decanters. $65.ea
This is a terrific 565 Tangerine bottle vase by Blenko $165
OK, here's the scoop, Mr. Bill Agle "Blenko Bill" to the rest of the world, got back to me about this wonderful 12" Decanter, It is #562 "Wedge-Cut" designed by Wayne Hustead, also know as "Pack Man" the color is teal, and yes it does stand very straight. Sold That was quick $325
This is  a very early Blenko Ruby tumbler w/ rosettes approx. 6" tall $65