updated 12/16/2012





This is a display from my show in Fresno, see anything you like? The Matt Carlton 12" vase in Ivory $1600,
 (These are all sold) Hey Girls, where's the party?? Can you believe it!! 3 Bauer Madonnas , I travel the country side searching for scarce items for this site and get home and find these beauties in my own back yard (actually I'm growing a "Madonna tree in the back yard, it'll be our secret) tall one $165, and short one $185.
But, this very rare beauty is just found tonight, at one of Del Mars' Antique Shops, I'm sure some have seen one of these however in 33 years I've never seen a Madonna cut out in the back to make her a vase. $325
   This is a very nice light blue 9" Ringed Vegetable Bowl and............... this beauty is MINT!!    $85
This is a "Speckled" pink w/ Gold over spray, 9" Vase $65, and also shown are (2) Jade Water Tumblers $35.ea, and (3) Juice Tumblers @$25.ea
Man O Man, am I glad I went to the Salt Lake show, last time (5 years ago) I netted a Pacific Oil Jar, this time it was this mint 12" Bauer Oil Jar hand made by Matt Carlton. (SOLD) $1350.
Just found this beautiful 6 cup Ring Bauer teapot in Cobalt   (SOLD) $155, (cheap right? there is a small amount of chattering on the inside lip under the lid) The outside in near perfect.
And............ another, this is a delft Blue indv. Casserole $95
Here's something I don't see every day this is a Hand painted "Fruits" Reamer that technically isn't Bauer, however there are a lot of these pieces that were made by Bauer for these decorators, this is a BEAUTY! $145
Like the Reamer? You'll love theses, "Flour", "Sugar", and "Tea" $55.ea
This is a very beautiful "Hand Thrown" Fred Johnson Bauer 5" Rose Bowl in Darker Blue  $115
This is a terrific Hand-thrown Bauer 5" bowl in Cobalt by Matt Carlton (SOLD) $165
This picture shows a pretty scarce Indv. covered Casserole in cobalt $85,
 (ALL SOLD) Here's a nice group of "Ring" Bauer I found in Redding, includes (1) Orange 9" Plate $25, (1) White 9" plate $65, (1) Ivory 9"plate $65,and (1) light Blue 9" plate $45, (3) 6" B&B plates  (2) Ivory @$35.ea and (1) light Blue $28,  (3) juice tumblers @$ 25.ea, (2) Water Tumblers @$ 35. ea, and (4) Tea/Punch cups $55.ea
I know not a lot, but I'll add these 2 fairly scarce colors of 9" plates Ivory $45, and Delft $45
Thanks to a great friend, I finally finished this incredible nested set of Ring (inside) Bauer mixing bowls, all are in terrific condition and all are chartreuse!! Finally SOLD $1200. set of 6
This picture was sent to a collector to actually show the size of the #3 Yellow Bread Bowl, however inside are   (ALL SOLD)  (12)   White "Chicken of the Sea" Plates @     $ 35.ea
and............. if you like the plates you'll need to collect these "Chicken of the Sea" Indv. Tuna Casseroles, yellow  (Both SOLD) $65,Burgundy $75 note they have their chrome stands
This is a nice group of Bauer "Strawberry", "Juice " (GPK) pitcher $45, "Soap" (GPK) pitcher $65, "Lg Soup Tureen" $55 (small hairline), "Jam" $35, and "Mustard" $55, also (2) 7" plates (Boy and Girl) $65.pr
I recently added this pair of "Garlic" canisters approx. 3" $35.ea
And, I was getting upset because all the really cool Bauer was selling out.....................Ha, look what I just found , (3) Medium Sized Hand-Decorated "Strawberry Canisters" w/ wooden lids , and (1) Smaller Canister $65 as well, all are in terrific condition.
This is a mint Bauer "Plainware" #2 Yellow Bean Pot, this is really small, but really cute. $135


  I'm just sooooooo lucky!! This is a really nice group of Coors Pottery ca. 1939 "Rose Bud" (3) Oval Platters , Maroon, Jade, and Apricot @$65.ea, (2)  Flat Soup Bowls, Cobalt $75, and Maroon $55, and, a really large Batter Bowl $265
 And............... Notice the Refrigerator Jar? $225, and French Casserole $125
This is a terrific piece of Coors Rosebud, an absolutely mint cobalt 4" x 8" Baking or "Loaf" Pan sold $165
Coors Pottery made some of the coolest items, this is a "Rope handle" Utility Jar in light green.  $145,, and this really cute rust Custard Cup. $35 (have plenty of other colors as well, same price)
This is a very mint (probably never used) 2 pint "Straight side" Casserole in Maroon.  $135, and a 9" plate some wear, sold as liner to casserole.


This is a very mint Fiesta 6 Cup Teapot in Yellow $175, and behind it is a large Yellow Disc Pitcher. (SOLD)  $115
This is a terrific group including a "Gray" Lg. Disk Pitcher $265, a Cobalt Kitchen Kraft Pitcher (no Lid) $165, 11" Kitchen Kraft Cake Plate $65, Yellow mug $55, "Stick" Handle demi cup/Saucer $55, and assorted juice tumblers $45ea.
This is a nice group of Vintage Fiesta Coffee Server Lt. Green $255, "Red" Cup/Saucer $45, 9" Medium Green Nappy $145
Every once in a while, "Mother Luck" smiles, this is a 7.5" Medium Green indv. Salad Bowl. (SOLD) $135
and.......................... these............... 2- 9"  plates in Medium Green, no those aren't scratches, I didn't get all the label off.   (SOLD) $65.ea
I love finding these Fiesta "Tom and Jerry" Mugs when they are mint, as many of you know these were very popular as coffee mugs, and REALLY! saw a lot of use. This Chartreuse TJ Mug is Mint. $65, and not shown is a Turquoise Mug as well. (SOLD)  $55
(All Sold) Now how about something to pour into? Like Fiesta 4.5" Fiesta Tumblers,   Cobalt $95.ea, and Turquoise $85.ea




Sorry, but only the Riviera Casserole in this picture is for sale, and it's mint!! (SOLD) $165
Eat your heart out Kelli, This is a perfect Maroon Harlequin Covered Casserole, These are just sooooooo Deco!! (SOLD) $185





Sold I'm a terrific fan of Japanese Lustre, so I was attracted to this cute little Lustre Toast Rack w/ a fixed Cov. Jelly. $65
All sold Ok, you keep asking, now I've found a terrific group of  "Dragon Ware) Japanese Eggshell Porcelain , (8) Cups and Saucers (not Lithophane) @$ 22.ea, an 7" handled Bowl $45, (4) 6" plates @$15. ea, tall creamer $35, Covered Sugar Bowl $45, and a really nice Demitasse Chocolate pot $95


This is a very sweet "Air Flow" Chinese Red teapot by Hall.  $225
 Teapots by Hall are terrific, and when I find one that's from their "Novelty line, even better, this is a yellow w/ platinum decoration (Perfect no wear) called the 6 cup "Basket" Teapot (SOLD)   @$145
However I've just located another "Globe No-Drip" in gold decorated Cadet Blue. SOLD $165
And can you believe it? This Mint Red Hall Flour Canister was setting in the window of a shop as I drove by, I was totally in AWE!! And, it was perfect. SOLD $455
This is a real beauty, this is an Autumn Leaf Electric Percolator with all the parts, very slight gold wear, but it still works. These are scarce and even harder to find in this kind of condition. $325
This is another very nice Aladdin Hall teapot in Jewell Tea's, Autumn Leaf $95
Talk about the coolest, this is a super group of Jewell Teas' Autumn Leaf (7) 10" mint gold plates @$ 25.ea, and (7) "Conic Mugs" @$ 55.ea
Sorry I didn't have time to crop out the other Teapots, I just really wanted to get this Beauty on before I left for a show, this is a very nice Chinese Red "Football" Novelty teapot w/the gold label on the base $1250.00
 JACKPOT!! Here's a terrific group of very nice Jewell Tea's "Autumn Leaf" by Hall, A "Drip-O-Lator" w/ the Leaf aluminum dripper (SOLD)  $355, A "Tootsie Roll" lid Cookie Jar (slight gold wear) (SOLD)  $255, and a very mint 4 piece Stack  set $95 (some wear)
This little cutie is a 2-Cup with Gold Decoration "New York" teapot, by Hall as well $85
  Here's an unusual Hall "Tea Master" Two Spout  Teapot, w/ the original paper label, this teapot actually has two separate chambers for sharing different types of teas  $95

California and other  Dinnerware

It's not often I find Catalina Island pottery I'm willing to sell, however I already have these items............. I was talked into driving to an Antique Faire in Central Oregon last weekend, and managed to find these perfect pieces of Catalina Island Dinnerware, (1) Ivory 10" "Rope-Edge" Plate $95, (4) "Rolled Edge" 8" plates $85.ea, and (2) "Rolled Edge" 6" plates $45.ea (all rolled edge pieces are "RED CLAY"
 (Sold) This is a great group of Garden City Pottery from San Jose California, 8" Delft Blue Stock Vase $65, and 2 different Bean Pots both in a brilliant Yellow, $85.ea
(Sold) I've been collecting Pacific Pottery for years, and I'll let you know these "Tom and Jerry" mugs are really tough to find, these are a couple extra that I'll offer @$32.ea all are mint
I know................ not exactly dinnerware, however if you're a chicken................... This is an absolutely mint "Yellow-ware" 2 qt. Chicken Waterier, with an original "Pacific" ink stamp. SOLD $165
   I don't often have Luray to sell in any amount worth listing, so I've been saving up, (3) 9" plates @$12.ea, (2) 10"plates @$28.ea (1) 7"  grey salad plates @$ 22.ea, (0) 6" plates @$6.50 ea., (3) 10" Oval Platter @$ 28, (0) 10" Rnd. Veg. Bowls @$28.ea., (4) flat soup/salad bowls (hard to find) @$35.ea., (16) 4.5" Fruit bowls @$ 9.50 ea., (3)  Tab soups @$28, (1) grey @$65 (1) Egg cups @$25.ea, Covered Butter dish @$65, Celadon Teapot $145, and the "Cream of the Lot" an Epergne @$ 275
(allsold) Aren't these just the coolest? This is a Party Set made by Glidden with a "Roaring 20's" motif ,  the set includes six 6" plates and a larger handled serving dish $325 for 7  pieces.
(all sold)This is a 3 part serving plate by Glidden as well, featuring Circus Clowns , $85, and this kind of "artsy" creamer $45
This Glidden "Rooster " pattern is called Menagerie, I found these pieces in Palm Springs (I came South to stay warm, WHAT A JOKE!!) so, I shop to stay warm, shown are a 3 part plate $85, (sold)10" plate $45, and (sold) 6" plate $25



Here's a real scarcity, the plates shown are of the "Zion" pattern made for Southern Pacific Railroad, (1) 6" plate @$ 165, and (9) 7" plates @$175.ea................. each plate was hand decorated, thus each is slightly different, none are marked w/ the RR insignia.
Well Finally! I found (2) of these terrific 10" "Streamliner" Union Pacific Rail Road Dinner Plates, just a very small amount of wear on the gold border, but they are pretty fantastic. All sold $85.ea
Wouldn't you know it, I just finished a show in Truckee, California, This is a "Truckee - Virginia City Railroad" 8" plate made by Vernon Kilns. $145

Red Wing Dinnerware

This was a nice find yesterday, This is an "Apple" Cookie Jar by Redwing Pottery, and it's near mint!! $225
This is a Red Wing Marmite, don't ask me what a Marmite is, to me it's an indv. baker, but I'm use this technical lingo LOL, $55, and also shown is a Pepper vase, hey don't look at me, I'm just telling you what the catalogue calls them $45


Talk about Rare! The last time I had some of these party plates was 20 years ago, (3) plates w/ cups @125.ea, 2 chartreuse 10" plates $18.ea, and (2) cups/sauc. @$12.ea
 Teapot is "Re-Styled" Russell Wright Vintage Teapot $225, and behind it is an American Moderne Devided Vegetable in Chartreuse $155
Need a Butter dish? There are (3) of these pretty scarce jewels @$ 95.ea 
This an American Moderne Russell Wright "After Dinner" Coffee Server in Sea foam. $135, (4) demi cups w/ saucers @$35.ea
This Russell Wright group contains an American Moderne Salad Bowl in Cedar @$165, and grey Rectangular Platter. sold $45







(All Sold) Finally something to add here................... This is a very nice small set of Stangls' "Fruit and Flowers"................. now this is the later more durible dinnerware closer to china, not "Redware" (8) 10" plates @$25.ea, (6) 8" Plates @$18.ea, (6) 6" Bowls @$20.ea, (8) Cups w/Saucers @$10.set, and a pair of Salt and Peppers @$25.pr

STAFFORDSHIRE and Other English Pottery

I didn't have a really good category to place this wonderful "Black Bird" Pie Vent, this'll have to do. This little cutie still has it's original box, complete w/ instructions on the label. Sold $45


Here's a real scarcity, the plates shown are of the "Zion" pattern made for Southern Pacific Railroad, (1) 6" plate @$ 165, and (1) 7" plates @$175.ea................. each plate was hand decorated, thus each is slightly different, none are marked w/ the RR insignia.
sold This is a cute utilitarian mug, made for the 4-H clubs of America. $45

Purinton Pottery and Dinnerware



This is a really unusual piece of Tepco, it's an 11" vase $85
Love this pattern these are Tepco "Bamboo", shown are (6) 7" Salad plates @$28.ea, and an unusual size 4" "Palm" bowl $45
These are terrific, a real Halloween treat, a pair of "Trader Vics" Skull Mugs by Tepco No they aren't marked, but these are really heavy not lie the cheapy thin ones $65. ea
There are (1) of these really nice 10" U.S. Navy plates made by Tepco $25.ea
This is one of my all time favorite Tepco patterns called "Confucius" (1) 12" Oval Platter $75 and (1) 6" plate $25
Sorry, but I could only get the seller to let go of one of these Tepco "Pony Express Rider" 9" plates (Sold) @$135
Ha, just found 2 of these really cool "Needles n Pine" 8" Relish Trays @ (Both Sold) $75.ea


YES!! This is a terrific condition #31Watt "Cherries" Platter, this is a fairly difficult pattern to find, and is this is the first piece I've ever had to offer.  $165
This is a terrific Watt #96 "3-Leaf" Apple Popcorn Bowl in terrific condition. $95
Well, as long as I'm dazzling you with super cool Watt, you may want to consider this terrific "Tulip" #16 Pitcher $165
                                                     Syracuse / Iroquois Restaurant China
These are magnificent, during my many years in this business, I have seen a few of these pieces, but never had a chance to own any of it. This is "Rent A Cruiser", a very short lived boat rental Company that was located on the Water front in Seattle during the 1940s, Love the old wooden Cruiser don't you? 12" Platter $185, 6" Ashtray $75, Cup/Saucer $85, and a 4.5" Fruit bowl $45