updated 12/28/2012




  This is a terrific piece of Disney made by American Potteries / Metlox, this is a perfect "Dopey" from the Snow White series. (sold)  $225

This is "Setting" Dumbo made by American Potteries / Metlox primo condition $85
This is "Sleepy" American Potteries/ Metlox, part of the Snow White set, and he has his original label. (SOLD) $225
Meet "Pinocchio and Figaro" they are adorable, standing approx. 5" and in mint condition. (sold)  $825
This is a terrific Ivory Heron made for Metlox Novelty line $65
This is a terrific group of "Figeros, "kneeling" made by Metlox $125, and the other 2 "Reaching" were made by Brayton Pottery  (All SOLD) $145.ea, all were made for Disney
Talk about lucky, both of these "Budweiser Clydesdales" are mint, when I see these I always have to look knowing there is going to be damage somewhere, but they are MINT!! even the cold paint is still here. (SOLD) $275.ea
This is "Angry Donald" one of a couple of different poses, that were made for Disney by American Potteries/Metlox ( sold )$165
                                                                                         BLACK AMERICANA
This may be the only piece that I'm still regretting not keeping, so hurry if you want her, before I change my mind, this is a small Biscuit Jar, made in "Occupied Japan". ( sold ) $235
Even though these shakers are only marked Japan, I'd bet they were made by the same company, and possibly still "OCJ" ( sold ) $95





                                                            Coming soon, a new collection I just purchased




This is a terrific pair of Mom and Baby Polar Bears s/ps made by Ceramic Arts Studio.   $75pr
Hey Lisa, hope you're watching, here's a Ceramic Arts Studio, Brown Spaniel, for your dog shows. Sold $65
Meet the "Triad" 3 very beautiful Ceramic Arts" figurines, 2 are candle holders and the larger is a vase. (SOLD) $355.set

Josef Originals  



This is a terrific Delee Pig covered dish, talk about cute. $65
If this open HUGE, I'm sorry, anyhow this is a terrific Siamese Kitten w/ this perfect Depression era mini fish bowl. $225
..................... and of course "CY" one of  Delee's cutest little pigs. Sold $65
This is "Hattie" made by Delee of Hollywood. Sold $45


Meet Geoff................. according to the Florence price guide he's worth more than his weight in gold, $2500+, but here's the good news, Geoff still has his original label, and I'm not asking even close this value in the guide.  (SOLD) $650
Well if  I'm going to pack the impossible, I may as well try for the impossible, I brought this couple in my suitcase from a shopping trip in Florida this summer, you should have heard me when the x-ray tech grabbed my case and tossed it onto the track, but they made it this is Elizabeth and Charles. (SOLD) $825.pr
This is "Jerry" a Florence Musician / Vase, Jerry is in terrific condition. (SOLD) $165


Over the years I've found quite a few of these very popular Eskimo figurines from Alaska made by C. Allen Johnson, this is a slightly different version as normally this "Seal Hunter" figurine is mounted on a ceramic base, this one has "Hand-carved" skies, poles, and a spear w/ rope. $1200
This is the second time I've had this gem to offer, this is a terrific Rooster Pie vent w/ the original directions on it's use, made by Calif. Cleminsons $85
I don't expect this mermaid to last long, this is a Matte White, most likely made by Freeman as well, there is no mark on the base $65
This is a line of "Life-Like" 12" Baby Jack Rabbits  designed by "Anthony" for Freeman McFarlan in a beautiful gold leaf. (Sold) $185.pr
 I actually have found (2) of these very wonderful 13" White and Black Cat wall sconces, made by Camark potteries,  perfect $165. ea
This is a very nice pair of Rooster and Hen made by Steward McCullough $85.pr
I got a call from a friend in Boise, and he'd found this very scarce  "Gingham Dog"  Cookie jar @$325, and a sugar shaker Sold $65
This 8" Flamingo is incised on the base "Brad Keeler" made in California $95
Was a very good shopping day yesterday, we went to an Antiques show in Monroe, Washington, a very small show, but extremely nice things to be purchased, I found a couple of really cool things, such as this magnificent 13 inch "Aztec Horse" in Gold leaf, made and signed by Sascha Brastoff Studios of California. (Sold) $425
And............. standing right next to the horse was an equally impressive Gold "Bull" also signed by Sascha Brastoff Studio. (Sold)  $425
This is one of my favorite finds for the year, this is a Samoan Woman, made by Mark Bellaire of  Pasadena, she is approx 10"tall Sold  $825
This is the first time I've been able to keep any of "Brad Keeler" items like this, this is a really nice set of Ducks, first is a 4" covered Jam @$75, and a sugar bowl @$ 65
and.............. this really wonderful 13" Mallard Duck Tray. $115
Now this is a fantastic Catalina bust w/ a candle holder in her shoulder, this bust does have a very faint hairline (easily restorable) on the base. Sold $425
This is probably one of the most spectacular pieces of Max Weil's "Weilware" I've have the pleasure to own, this lovely Head Vase is the same mold as the Catalina/GMcB Babushka. But, the colors and decorations are every bit as good if not better, and she has her original label. (Sold)  $235
I believe this is a "Kim Ward" or perhaps "Kaye of Hollywood" 10" Head Vase, there are so many signatures on the base, perhaps anyone who helps decorate her signed their name to her. In any event she spectacular!! $455
As long as I'm adding really great Head Vases I'll add this beauty, in  semi gloss white a "Deco Woman" in her best Bonnet. Sold $155
This is kind of unusual, I saw these Roosters from across the room, I knew they were from the "Rooster Line" by Will George, however I thought they were 7" pitchers, instead they made these into Candlesticks.  (SOLD) $265.pr
I'll bet very few collectors of California Pottery have ever seen one of these, This is a necklace w/ attached pin, made by Heidi Schoop, in near mint condition. $135
This is " The Queen of the Poppets" notice anything different? She's in a very unusual Rust color, and she is actually a Flower Frog (holes in the back) $225
I've searched every reference book I have to find a price on this wonderful "Airedale" made by Mortons Studio, he's approx. 4" tall and is in great condition. SOLD $75
WOWZA!! I just was so excited when I found this totally COOL 17" Poodle Lamp w/ celluloid shade that has inset lace and chartreuse lace. (Sold)  $245
This is one of the cutest of the animal series the were produced by Sascha Brastoff from "Resin," this is a Blue Polar Bear, and in terrific condition. (SOLD)  $325
I always love these Royal Heager Leopards when I see them, but unless they are a pair I just like to look, however a friend in Reno had this pair and made me a fair price, so they followed me here. These Leopards are very large, and have their original labels, and are mint!! $275.pr
This is a 12" Flamingo made by Brad Keeler, buy him quick, before I break him, please.  (SOLD) $125
                                                                       Howard Pierce
This picture shows 3 pieces of Howard Pierce of Pasadena, Ca. The cats in the back are cool, but only the taller of the two is mint, (the other is cracked and is free w/ purchase) $85. The Deer is $125
This is a nice gold-leafed pair of Geese, made by Howard Pierce as well. $45.pr
And................. last but not least I found this cute pair of White Breasted Sparrows. Sold  $95.pr
 sold Here's a great little piece of Howard Pierce, this is a solid black Sea Lion. $135     (By the way, I do accept Visa and MC)


This a very mint set of "White Playful Poodles" these are quite large, and would make a wonderful addition to any Poodle collection, or if you're looking for a gift for you're Kay Finch collector $855.pr
No............... I didn't make a mistake!! This is another pair of "Pearl Gray, Playful poodles" by Kay Finch as well $1,200.pr
And............... Yep, I've been busy while I was away, this is a mint 8" Black Cocker made by Kay Finch $425
Hey folks "Good news", there's a new Antique Mall in California, "Bad News" I beat you there, here's a couple of Kay Finch "Mama Ducks" (sure look like babies to me) however they are (Both Sold)  $ 225.ea
Both Sold You think that Kay Finch made small pigs? This is what I thought was the smallest baby pig $65, until I found a even smaller one $65 (approx. 1/2")
This a very elusive piece of Rosemeade pottery, this is the "Turkey" Cranberry dish w/ the original spoon (I think) $285
This was a terrific find, I thought this female Pheasant looked familiar, and so it was this is the 11"Rosmeade hen pheasant and she's mint""  (SOLD) $225



This really great 6" was hand made and decorated by the Sorcha Boru company of San Carlos, California, and this piece is signed inside. $(SOLD) 85




I really like the Twin Winton items that were made to "go-with" their Cookie Jars, this is a really nice "Poodle" Napkin Holder, she is in terrific condition. Sold $95
Hey, I'm old and I forget things, but if you look behind the Poodle, I found a "Ranger Bear" napkin holder as well. Sold $85
Aren't these Twin Winton Spoon rests great? Twin Winton made items like these to match their cookie jars, this little pig is  Sold $65


This is just the cutest set of  "Huggies" Mary and her Black Lamb, $125.pr
This is the third set of these "Huggies" a Black Boy w/ a Puppy, that I have found, and as much as I love this set, I'll sell one of them.  $145.set
I don't think there was ever any small ceramic items as cute as there VanTelligan Huggies, called "Bunny Hugs" these are S/Ps, I've noticed the eye lashes on the female before $55.pr