updated 12/28/2012

This is a Gladding McBean "Polynesian" 6" vase, with a beautiful Hibiscus design, this was the original design for the famous "Desert Rose" dinnerware (SOLD) $175, and also shown are an Irish Coffee mug $145, a 13" chop plate $55, and a "Heart" Candy dish. $175
This is a really nice Desert Rose Compote $65
This is a very good condition 10" "Small Fruits" dinner plate. $85
This a very mint condition, "Desert Rose" 6" "Rayed" Trivet, these puppies are scarce. (sold) $225
So nice..................... This is another group of super nice Desert Rose, (4) Jumbo mugs @$65.ea, and a TV. Tray @$165 (Cov. Toast is sold)
I know, this Catalina Island Coffee set should be under Art Pottery, so, I'll put it there also, This set includes an "Toyon Red" Carafe w/ lid, and 6 handled 5" mugs, all are white clay, and all are mint!!! Sold $875. (ALL ONLY)
This is a really cool, but harder to find pattern called "Fresh Fruit" and here is a mint Covered Sugar. $55
Can you believe it? I just found this absolutely mint Wild Flower Tea Pot, have any extra money left over from Christmas? Say $1200
I found this Franciscan "Ivy" 6 cup Teapot $175, and a really nice Covered Casserole. $145
Yes, Franciscan made Fine China, and what a beautiful china it is, every bit as nice any any Lenox pattern, This group is called Sierra there are (4) 10.5" Dinner plates @$ 55.ea , (4) 8" Salad Plates @$ 35.ea, (4) 4" fruit bowls @$25.ea, (4) Soup/ Salad Bowls @$55.ea, and (3) tea cups w/ saucers @$25.ea, and... (4) demi cups w/ saucers @$45.ea
Now this was a shock, this is the first time I've found these this is a "Meadow Rose" Goblet, these babies are scarce!! $225
(I wish I could fine this pattern just a little more often, my heart wouldn't have to race so fast, this is a wonderful group of Franciscan "Poppy", most of which has never been used. (3) 10" dinner plates @$35.ea, (6) 6" plates @$22.ea, (6) cup/saucer sets @$30.ea,
Ha, first pair in 25 years, seen em, but never had a pair for sale, the pepper grinder has some damage on the wood, but still works fine, so, I priced the pair about 2/3 of their value. (Sold) $255.pr
Nice little addition (2) Apple (USA) flat soups $32.ea
  These items only come around every once in a while, as they were just very useful, and most collectors just never give them up, this is an older style Apple "Pepper" Mill, in terrific condition, I used it for a dinner before I put  it into my merchandise.  (SOLD) $185
This Apple Water pitcher is in terrific condition, and believe me I have loads of additional tumblers to accompany it if you need.  (ALL SOLD) Pitcher $175, tumblers $45.ea
This is a Franciscan USA "Apple" Teapot.    $95
Just added .......... a mint "Apple" Covered Vegetable, a little cheaper than the casserole above. $115
Talk about a find OK, Ann bet you don't have this, this is the first time I've ever found or even seen one of these very scarce "Factory" Pedestal Cake Stands, and it's in very mint condition. sold Thanks Ann $325
Here's another much more difficult Franciscan Apple Candle Lamp to find and older version of the one shown below. $225
(All Sold) This is a late Franciscan patter called "Bountiful" it's the same pattern as "Fresh Fruit" only this pattern has a beautiful Celadon background, "Replacements Lmt." wants $100+ for the dinner plates, I'm asking $65 for the (5,),10" dinner plates and (4) 7" salad plates are $25.ea, the cup/saucer @$35, and the cup only $25
And while I'm showing off, you might just have to have this very scarce "Twilight Rose" Candle Lamp, these are difficult as you can see they were easily damaged.  (SOLD) $325
OK ready, set, buy.......................... This is an absolutely "MINT" Franciscan Desert Rose "Footed Soup Tureen" made in the USA!! Sold $695
This little gem will make a wonderful addition to your Desert Rose collection, this is a mint Cigarette Box, must collectors like to use this box as a "Trinket Box" on the vanity.  (SOLD)$135
This was a terrific find, for the collector who likes a lot of coffee, (4) Desert Rose Jumbo Mugs @$65.ea and (1) TV Tray $165
THESE BABIES ARE RARE!!! And, I found (2) of these very mint Franciscan Desert Rose Goblets   $255. ea
 (ALL SOLD) This is one of the most popular patterns of Franciscan today, this is "Forget me not", this group includes (3) 10" plates @$ 35.ea, and (4) 8" Salad plates @$ 22.ea, and (4) cups and saucers @$22.ea, and (8) Soup/Salad bowls $35.ea
  All Sold This is an absolutely "MINT" set of Franciscan's "Fresh Fruit", including  (1) set on S/Ps @$125.  pr , a covered Butter @$135 and covered vegetable Sold @$ 325, a sauce boat, @$105.
This is an elusive "Cafe Royale" covered Ginger Jar/ Tea Caddie, RARE and MINT!!  (SOLD) $225
All Sold This is a pattern of Franciscan  that seems to be rising again in popularity, this is "Autumn," This group includes Covered Vegetable/Casserole @$65, sauceboat @$35, and Milk Pitcher $55
   (all Sold) I just fond this really nice group of Franciscan "Starburst" (6) Flat Soups @$45.ea, and (8) Fruit Bowls @$32.ea