updated 07/24/2009

Hawaiiana Dinnerware

Very large collection coming soon !!

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Can you believe this? This is a really great piece of very scarce "Trader Vic's," this dinnerware line by Vernon , is probably as much sought after as any of the Hawaiian lines made by them. This 9" plate is in perfect condition. Sold $165
These are the cutest little figurines from "Lokena" of Hawaii, if I get this wrong, I'm sure someone from the Islands will set me right, I believe these are Minihunis or sort of Hawaiian Leprechauns. These little souvenir novelties come in lots of different activities, the first is eating a fish,   and the second is eating Poi  All Sold $175.each
  Jack Pot!! I was shopping with a friend in Boise when I noticed this terrific 7" covered Vegetable in Bird of Paradise, made by Santa Anita, $145
Wanna see something extremely RARE! This is one of 2 demi cups and saucers, "Tropical Fish" designed for Vernon Kilns by Harry Bird, I'm keeping the other sold  $425.set
I left this picture large so you can enjoy this beautiful Hawaiian line as much as I do, this is a small group of "Plumaria" as very fine porcelain from Dorothy O'Kumoto of Hawaii, a miniature Creamer and Covered Sugar $225, and a Hat Pin holder on a small Tray. $265
Some thumbnail, but I'm glad this picture is large, I really love the work done by this artist, this is one lf the largest pieces of "Plumaria" I've ever found, this 10" Vase is signed by Dorothy O'Kumoto. $185
Or how about this very unusual 6" Bird with the "Plumaria" decoration. $155
This was a terrific find, a really nice Group pf "pink" Hawaiian Flowers, shown are an After Dinner Teapot $525, a covered Jam Pot $325, and a pair of Salt and Peppers $85.pr
This is a terrific group of Blanding's designs made for Vernon Kilns, including this fabulous 15" Hilo Chop plate. $455 (SOLD)
You simply can't collect Hawaiian dinnerware and not want to add "Lei Lani" designed by Don Blanding for Vernon Kilns, this is a very beautiful Covered Casserole in the San Marino. $355
I love it when I get a chance to offer such wonderful items, this is a San Marino Shape "Lei Lani" water pitcher by Vernon Kilns. $355.
And...........................last but not least (3) 10" Lei Lani dinner plates also in San Marino shape $95.ea
This is a very nice" Red Magnolia" 10.0" plate made by Tepco. $85
I love this very elusive pattern, this is a "Red" Hibiscus, 6" small mixing bowl, I think made by Shenango. $75
A collector/ dealer called me the other day, she found this great group of Max Weil's "Bamboo" in turquoise and black, she wanted to know if there was any interest, hmmm, I loved it, each sold separately, (7) tumblers @$45.ea,  Teapot $95, (8) cup/saucer @$15.set, Sauce Boat @$35, 12" Chop Plate $55, (3) 9" Plates @$ 25.ea, (5) 8" plates @$22.ea, (10) 4.5" Fruit bowls @$18.ea, (8) Flat Soup Bowls @$28.ea, 1 pr. S/Ps $35.pr
There are (1) of the same as above 6" indv. covered casseroles, only these are light green w/ green Bamboo. $55.ea
This is a Weil Ware 12" round Salad bowl, yellow w/ brown Bamboo, @$65, and (4) 5"approx. tumblers @$45.ea
And............ (6) Weil Ware yellow w/ brown Bamboo 4" rice bowls @$25.ea