updated 04/15/2009



Yes, I know this little "Bambi" (Blue Butterfly) is listed under Ca.Pottery as well, but American Potteries is Metlox. (Sold) $225
This is a very tough Metlox pattern from the 1950s, these (3) tab soups are from the Ca. Mobile line. $35.ea
Still one of the most popular Cookie Jars I've ever sold is this wonderful Black Scottie (marked Metlox on the base), these jars are always a hit with dog collectors.  $325
I just had to adopt this terrific Metlox "Poppytrail" Flower Collar Lamb Cookie Jar. But you can "adopt" her from me for (sold) $375
The colors in this Metlox "Red Riding Hood" are very brilliant, and she still has her original label. $585
This is " The Queen of the Poppets" notice anything different? She's in a very unusual Rust color, and she is actually a Flower Frog (holes in the back) $225
I wish I hadn't started a different pattern of Metlox for myself, as I really like this "Della Robia" Metlox/ Vernonware this is a terrific pattern for the coming Spring and Summer. Shown are (5) 10"dinner plates @$ 12.ea, (7) 7" plates @$8.ea, (1) 12" oval Veg bowl @$25, and (1) 12" oval dvd. Veg. @$25, and a pair of S/p @$25.pr
If you noticed on the main page of my site, I collect a lot of "Black Americana" this wonderful Mammy Cookie Jar by Metlox Potteries was one of my many acquisitions , later I found a tall set of Blue and White matching S/P shakers, so, the hunt was on for a different Jar to go along with them. TADA! I found her, so I'm offering this very perfect jar at a very reasonable price of $550
This set of Cobalt custards almost fooled me, as I thought they were Bauer, however they were just not quite the same, so I did a little home-work and discovered they were Metlox, all are in terrific condition, and it doesn't appear they were ever used. $325 set
(all sold) This pattern was my Mothers' before we moved from Canada when I was a child, and for some reason Ca. Provincial Rooster or (Green Rooster) as we all know it is still as popular with today's collectors. This is a Coffee Carafe w/ 4 Cocoa mugs $375.............................. and a 5" Cereal $35
This is a Milk Pitcher from the same line. (sold) $75
And........................These are "Rooster" Tab Soup Bowls (4) (sold) @$35.ea