updated 10/01/2012



American Pottery

Ever read about William Manker? This potter trained some of the best of California's ceramists. This beautiful 5" bowl is a perfect example of his extreme quality. Sold  $225
This is the cutest little vase approx. 6" tall made by Peters and Reed, Zanesville Pottery., I believe this one is called "Chromal"$255
Ok, I'll need to stop shaking, and type, I found this "Mint" 14" Hull Tropicana Vase yesterday. $750
I know, this Catalina Island Coffee set should be under Art Pottery, so, I'll put it here also, This set includes an "Toyon Red" Carafe w/ lid, and 6 handled 5" mugs, all are white clay, and all are mint!!! Sold $875. (ALL ONLY)
This is a very simple, but beautiful Matte White Hull head vase, made in the 1940s. $85
This is unusual for me, but I'm not certain who made this very beautiful 30" Jardinière and Pedestal, it done with a very rich blend from Cobalt to Maroon, (similar to Majolica) and has birds around the middle and base. Usually there is some sort of damage on these as they are more than likely from the early 1900s, but this piece is in terrific condition. (SOLD) $655
This is a terrific piece, although a common color, of  Pisgah Forest, this 8" vase has a terrific crystalline crackled glaze and a dark pink interior. $135
This is a Roseville 4" Water Lilly Vase in pink Sold  $95
It isn't often I come across a piece of Roseville's Juvenile dinnerware that is in as good condition as this wonderful "Standing Rabbit" Child's bowl/plate. Sold $225
Sold I bought several pieces of North Dakota School of  Mines from a friend several years ago, but this is the only one I'm ready to sell. This is a 6 inch bowl, signed Mitchell/ Cable, $325
I've owned this delightful little "Pan" bowl, made by Niloak (I think) for about 3 years, and have enjoyed him setting up on a shelf, so for $255, I'll take him down and send him to you.
 This is the cutest 4 inch pin dish made by Sascha Brastoff, called "Merbaby." Talk about cute, I've been collecting this pattern for years and have another for me. $125
I'm always looking for older pieces of Van Briggle Pottery as that's what folks are asking and willing to pay for, this is a terrific 6" Shell vase in mint condition, I believe in Persian Blue, I'm sure someone will let me know if I'm wrong. (SOLD) $95


If you love the Arts and Crafts era, you'll love this beautiful 9" Brush Vase, it has a wonderful "Flambé" Cobalt drip  over a lighter blue, there are a few glaze skips on this piece, but nothing that detracts from it's beauty. $165


Through the years I've had requests for this very elusive "Barnim's Animal Circus" Cookie Jar made for Nabisco as a promotional item, by McCoy Potteries. This jar is very near mint. (SOLD) $575
Everyone knows this very lovable character, this is a "Tigger" cookie jar from the "Winnie the Pooh" series, no cracks and the cold paint is very good, I believe these were made as a promotional item, by Deforest potteries. (SOLD) $325
It's not every day I can off one of these very scarce "Red Scarf" w/ Clover Shawnee "Smiley" Milk Pitchers $325, and a really cute pair of Shawnee "Range" S/Ps "Smiley and Winnie" $135.pr
This was a terrific discovery, this McCoy Cookie jar actually has 2 sides, this one with "Work Horses" pulling a covered wagon, and the other side of a Pioneer Family. (Sold) $135


And, Today's trophy........................ another color of Hull's "Ebb tide" This is the Angelfish vase, in a really cool speckled pink and white. $175


I love the Deco look of these Frankoma bookends, this is a single "Charging Horse" in Mirror Black, and "Ada Clay" $255
I don't know why, but I'm always drawn to Frankoma's "Mirror Black" This is a very mint 6" Puma fired on "Ada" Clay. $165


I hope you open this picture, this is a super nice "Art Deco Era" 12" Nippon Flower Frog, the gold wire netting is still even in mint condition, here's the mark on the base............. .................... sold $455
There's a little gold wear on this  4" Noritake Basket, but it was just so unusual (note the birds in the handle) I decided someone may just need to add it to their collection.................... picture of the mark on the base. ..............sold $110
A really great friend has turned me on to this wonderful "Japanese Chintz" pattern, most was made during the 1930-40s some earthenware, and some like these Demi Pots are semi porcelain, both are marked with a red" M" in a wreath (Mura Mura Brothers) Each of these 6" Demi pots are in mint condition. both sold $65.ea


I hate to brag................................ Ha, whom I kidding, I love it, check out this magnificent 10", "Flamingo in flight," planter in terrific condition, made by Maddux pottery of California. $235
I was done shopping a mall in the Portland area and was checking out at the counter when I noticed a pair of these beautiful 10" Maddux Flamingos on the counter behind the attendant, when i inquired he told me they had just come in on consignment. So the rest is history, and this is one of them "Wings Down" $265
and...................... This 10" Maddux Flamingo is "Wings Up" $265
This "Monterey Jade" vase looks small and  is actually 3.5" and singed on the base. $45
Finally, another really cool piece of Monterey Jade, this rectangular vase is approx. 4 x 5" and 7" tall. Sold  $85
Aren't these Twin Winton Spoon rests great? Twin Winton made items like these to match their cookie jars, this little pig is Sold $65



This is a very beautiful 7"Royal Bayreuth, Vase, hand decorated w, Roses.$245
And this very beautiful Pickard bowl w/ handles and decals from the 1930s, , notice the "Japan" mark (they bought china from everywhere to paint on) sold $85
This very nice 9" handles Pickard Plate is called "Lupine Valley" and signed by "Curtis Marker" ca.1930-38 , and marked on the back side with a early Pickard stamp. sold $325
I hope you'll open this photo, I believe this Germany 6" Figural Vase, was made by Heubach as the eyes are similar to the dolls I've had and the detail is magnificent. sold $375


  Set of 7.5 inch Pearl China Black Salt and Pepper, called "Salty and Peppy", slight gold wear on the "Peppy" but otherwise totally mint. sold $275. pr



Ok, I'll share, I now have 2 of these very beautiful "Marbleized" 8.25" vases so I'll share one, made in the early 1930s by Peters and Reed Co. called a "Spill" Vase Sold $255


This was terrific find, in Colorado, this is a Purinton Potteries "Green Intaglio" Honey pot, a souvenir of the Grand Canyon, Pennsylvania. $115
I could hardly wait to get home and look this little gem up, I'd never seen one before, but I knew it had to be Purinton, sure enough this is a little "Jug Vase" in Normandy Plaid. Sold $75


WOWZA!! Can you believe it? Normally these are only seen in books, imagine my surprise when this Red Wing Sentarette, walked into my booth for sale, she really is fantastic........ and only $1200.00
This is a pretty scarce decorated Large Flower Jardinière, made by Redwing. $115
Talk about cute! This is a Light Blue "Daschound" 7" Planter made by Redwing Pottery. Sold ( thanks Donna) $125
This is a really terrific find from Redwing Pottery, this is a pair of "Oriental" king and queen (slightly darker), marked and numbered Redwing Sold $255.pr
How about this cutie from Reno? This is a Burro planter in chartreuse by Redwing and numbered behind the front legs. $95


This is a nice group of Watt Pottery Individual covered Casseroles, (2) Silhouette @$ 65.ea, and (1) Star Flower $95
I've had several of these "Mink Chow" feeding dishes before, I think they are Watt, but if not someone will let me know. (SOLD) $75
This a terrifically mint, "Autumn Foliage" Barrel Mug by Watt.  (SOLD) $95
 (All SOLD) This is a pretty difficult  pattern of Watt Pottery called "Dutch Tulip" mixing Bowls $85, and $95, and.......... This great covered casserole, $255
                                                          WELLER POTTERY
This is a very good example of Weller "Patricia" marked in script on the base. This vase is approx. 8" tall. $225
This is a very beautiful piece of Weller  "Zona" 9" x 9", a compote sold $135
This very large  13" decorated flower pot, isn't marked, but my best guess is probably Weller. $235